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Your digital customer analysis supports
actively and measurable to optimise
sales floors, customer engagement and advertising.

Revenue Uplift
Advertising Efficiency
Cost Reduction

customerIDENT – your experienced partner for CRM marketing and business intelligence!


Our solution for you

customerIDENT enables you as a retailer or operator of customer frequency points to measure and steer key parameters already before purchase. Our strengths is your advantage:

  • We ensure precision of measurement.
  • We enable detailed customer insights with comprehensive analysis.
  • We highlight your potential with call to action in a simple but meaningful dashboard.
  • We offer you the basis for an effective and target group focused approach.
  • We guarantee 100% secure data protection.

As an early mover we enable you …

… as a retailer with multiple doors:

  • to systematically understand the behaviour of your customers in interest profiles already BEFORE purchase.
  • to optimise important promotional areas in front of the store and on your retail floor.
  • to identify and target interests, returners as well as new and retentive customers.
  • to improve your personnel placement planning and opening hours.
  • to measure important key performance indicators across branches and throughout the shops.
  • to integrate our solution seamlessly in your IT systems (ERP, CRM, DMS…).

… as operator of customer frequency points:

  • to measure and optimise sales promotions already in digital out of home (DooH) and digital signage (DS) systems on your shop floor.
  • to track important media performance data instead of a panel for you and your advertising customer.
  • to reach an essential data gathering basis to deliver personalized advertising.
  • to navigate customers goal-orientated with advertising campaigns on the shop floor.

Increase the likelihood of success at Point-of-Sale and Point-of-Information

customerIDENT affects the following key performance indicators in your daily business.

Maximise Revenue

by optimising shop window conversion, shopper engagement, cross-branch behavior, loyalty as well as personalized recommendations

Manage Advertising Mix

by optimisation of media mix, effectiveness of advertising and by maximising advertising cost contributions

Reduce Costs

with efficient personnel management, interruption of inefficient advertising and optimisation of store opening hours

That is how simply customerIDENT works

The good message first. You do not have to be a technical expert to install and operate customerIDENT. We will care about the set up and we will show you how to use our intuitive management systems.


Your future Dashboard

customerIDENT presents the collected and analysed data in a clearly arranged and easy-to-use dashboard. The design and the data output is adjusted to your individual needs - as a multi-branch company or for direct management at the PoS. Together with you we will develop actions to optimise your local business.


Do you want to learn more? We would be pleased to assist you!


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